Open Calls Network: Space for A Soil Deal for Europe

 Open Calls Network: Space for A Soil Deal for Europe

Last but not least webinar of this season of the Open Calls Network has been held this week. During this event, we had a look at opportunities for collaboration between Dutch and European organisations that are active in space, space data, and space applications.

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The Open Calls Network is an initiative of the Netherlands Space Office NSO in collaboration with dotSPACE, aiming at increasing awareness of funding opportunities for the Dutch and European space sectors.

Last webinars

During this year, the Open Calls Network hosted five webinars on topics relevant to the Horizon Europe programme:

Open Calls Network: Space for Climate Neutral and Smart Cities

Open Calls Network: Space for Digital and Industry

Open Calls Network: Space for Safety and Defence

Open Calls Network: Space for Ocean and Waters

Open Calls Network: Space for Climate

Open Calls Network: Space for Biodiversity

“Farm to Fork / A Soil Deal for Europe” webinar

On Tuesday 25 October 2022 the webinar topic was “Farm to Fork and A Soil Deal for Europe”.

Tom van Loef from Geronimo.AI presented CropMapp and ChangeMapp products, shed a light on the technology, and the reason why Geronimo.AI think product focus is essential in a competing environment of EO/AI startups.

Geronimo.AI was founded 4 years ago as an EO (earth observation) + AI consultancy startup. Slowly it shifted away from projects and developed two products which currently form the focus of the company: CropMapp solves agricultural monitoring challenges for national governments and ChangeMapp solves challenges concerning the maintenance of maps for national and local governments. The common denominator is the AI analyses of remote sensing data to overcome the challenges which arise in rule-based systems.

Andrei Bocin-Dumitriu (dotSpace foundation) presented open funding calls related to ‘Farm to Fork’ and ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ topics

Piotr Switala did his 1-minute pitch. If you are looking for a partner who has experience both in joint R&D projects and bringing them to a product ‘go-to-market’ stage, feel free to contact Piotr.

Pablo Romero Díaz from Graniot did a 1-m1-minute pitch

In case you missed this webinar you can watch the webinar recordings and download speaker presentations here:

Horizon Europe Callout: Co-creating solutions for soil health in Living Labs

Image credit: Freepik

Open Call Reference: HORIZON-MISS-2023-SOIL-01-08


While not a new concept, living labs are currently receiving considerable attention as they accelerate the translation of research into practical application. For the purpose of this mission, “Soil health living labs” are defined as “user-centred, place-based and transdisciplinary research and innovation ecosystems, which involve land managers, scientists and other relevant partners in systemic research and co-design, testing, monitoring and evaluation of solutions, in real-life settings, to improve their effectiveness for soil health and accelerate the adoption”. Each living lab is a collaboration between multiple partners working together at the regional or sub-regional levels, typically comprising 10 – 20 sites. These sites can represent all types of land uses and be for example farms, forest stands, protected areas, green sites or industrial sites in urban and rural areas.


  • Improved soil health in different regions within the EU and AC where the selected living labs projects are operating with a measurable contribution to the specific objectives of the Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ and its overall goal of setting up a network of 100 living labs ad lighthouses by 2030
  • Increased and accelerated uptake of good practices and methodologies by land managers or other actors in and beyond living lab areas, tackling specific soil health challenges
  • Policy-makers are more aware of local needs with regard to soil health and can use this knowledge in the design and implementation of more effective policy instruments

Opening date: TBD

See more funding opportunities here

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