Preview: Space-Comm Expo – The UK’s Space Industry Launch Pad

 Preview: Space-Comm Expo – The UK’s Space Industry Launch Pad

Space-Comm Expo is set to launch the UK’s commercial and defence in space conversation into the exosphere next month, during two days of unrivalled networking and collaborating, following an industry-wide survey. 

Professionals within the UK space industry have called for more government support and a closer look at how the sector is going to solve the skills shortage issue. Taking part in Space-Comm Expo’s annual industry survey, respondents shared their insight on how the industry is evolving, the biggest challenges and upcoming opportunities.

Growth is still high on the agenda for the industry, with 87% of those surveyed anticipating a revenue growth of up to 50% in the next 12 months, with the majority expecting their revenue to increase steadily between 11 and 20%.

When asked what’s keeping them up at night, the skills shortage across the industry was high on the list, followed closely by the lack of financial support and investment and the need to fix the supply chain issues troubling the industry. However, the overall tone is positive, with the industry feeling optimistic at the increased investment and focus on the vast industry skills gap promised by the government moving forward. In addition, they are hopeful that lowered barriers of entry to the market from start-ups and SMEs will support new technology, components and innovations entering the market.

According to the respondents, made of space professionals from the manufacturing, communication and finance sectors of the industry, the biggest trend over the next 12 months is the development of partial to fully reusable launches. Not only is this more sustainable for the environment but it will mean lower launch costs, enabling the businesses developing the technology to keep testing without starting from scratch and allowing more scientists to learn and test new ideas.

With the borderless nature of space, defence is becoming a much larger discussion point across the industry. While a majority of those surveyed (67%) are currently involved with the defence sector or moving into it, only 6% of respondents feel the defence’s role in space is clearly defined. One thing that was clear, there is a demand from the space industry to work closer together, with more than 60% of the professionals that took part in the survey believing that a higher level of collaboration between the space and defence industries is needed.

Showcasing the industry’s biggest & brightest innovators

Cementing its position as the UK’s leading and largest space industry event, Space-Comm Expo is the premier opportunity for businesses of all sizes to showcase their latest innovations, share future-altering thought leadership, build new partnerships and announce new projects and investment.

The two-day event brings together business, government, defence, space agencies and aerospace experts from the entire space community including manufacturers, space agencies, International Space Command, Government officials, engineers, satellite operators, technicians, systems integrators, and buyers and procurement professionals.

International-renowned organisations, manufacturers and innovators, including Airbus, BAE Systems, Cornwall Space Cluster, Catapult Satellite Applications, MDA, Moog, Pulsar Fusion, Rolls-Royce and Viasat, will feature on the show floor.

Speaking on their experience at Space-Comm Expo 2023 and why they are returning to the event in 2024, Craig Miller, President, Global Space Networks, at Viasat Inc, said: “I have had meetings with customers, industry peers, competitors and several members of parliament, and there is no place like this where I can come and meet face-to-face with this many people, from this many places around the world.”

Space broadcasters, CEOs, government and scientists to deliver keynotes

Space-Comm Expo has a must-attend conference programme with keynote speakers including space scientist and astronaut in training Professor Suzie Imber and the who’s who of industry CEOs, CTOs and founders from the likes of NATO, Space Florida, and Thales Alenia Space.

Across three theatres, including a new stage dedicated to specialised defence and security, the conference programme will highlight the growth areas, barriers, latest innovations and grey areas of the global space industry.

Space-Comm Expo 2024 keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Suzie Imber, space scientist and astronaut in training
  • Ray Lugo, Chief Executive Officer, ISS National Laboratory
  • Col Robert Long, President and Chief Executive Officer, Space Florida
  • Andrew Griffith MP, Minister of State for the Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT)
  • Dr Giorgio Cioni, Director for Aerospace and Armaments Capabilities, NATO Headquarters
  • AVM Paul Godfrey OBE, First Commander, UK Space Command
  • Mike Gold, Executive Vice President, Redwire
  • Arne Matthyssen, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Rhea Group
  • Martin Coates, Chief Executive Officer, Orbex
  • Max Haot, Chief Executive Officer, Vast Space
  • Helene Huby, Chief Executive Officer, The Exploration Company
  • Lucy Edge, Chief Operating Officer, Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Frank Strang, Chief Executive Officer, Saxavord Spaceport
  • Andrew Stanniland, CEO, Thales Alenia Space
  • Martin Soltau, Chief Executive Officer, Space Solar
  • Paul Cremin, Commercial Spaceflight Policy & Regulation Lead, Aviation Directorate, DfT

Organised by Hub Exhibitions in partnership with Farnborough International, Space-Comm Expo 2024 is set to welcome thousands of space professionals, organisations, agencies and government officials across the two days.

As well as providing thought leadership across the Keynote stage, features including the Start-Up Zone and Meet The Buyer will enable start-ups, SMEs and industry-leaders to network with investors, regulators and academics to collaborate and discuss actionable change for the future of the space industry.

The place for space to do business, Space-Comm Expo, taking place 6-7 March 2024, brings together decision-makers across the supply chain to further the commercial space sector with future-altering partnerships and hear from world-renowned experts on the immediate opportunities and challenges, including the above, facing the industry.

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