Survey: Iliad User Stories

 Survey: Iliad User Stories

This week the Iliad Digital Twin of the Ocean project is launching a user stories survey. This questionnaire aims to help the project better understand the needs of its stakeholders and end users. The survey is open to anyone. 

Are you interested in digital twins? Then please help us by filling out the survey.

What information are we collecting?

A user story is a high-level and informal record of how you are using (or would use) a digital twin of the ocean. We collect information about the tasks in your work where having easy access to a digital twin would be helpful, how these tasks are relevant to your business, and what tools, data or knowledge you require for these tasks.

You may have a single-user story or you may have several / Image credit: Freepik

How to fill out the survey?

You may have a single-user story or you may have several. We ask you to fill out the form once for each story. You can enter your own stories, but also stories about how digital twins enable your customer’s story. And please feel free to forward the survey to your colleagues!

How will we use your stories?

Your stories will help us define the digital twin products and services that will be most useful to your requirements. This is extremely helpful by itself, but you can get involved more deeply if you wish. In the form, you can express your interest in further contributions to the project. You can receive project updates, give further feedback, or be invited to further user group research. But if you prefer not to receive updates from the project then you can also indicate this in the form.

More Information

The Iliad Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) aims at establishing an interoperable, data-intensive, and cost-effective Digital Twin of the Ocean. ILIAD builds on the assets resulting from two decades of investments in policies and infrastructures for the blue economy.

To realize its potential, the Iliad Digital Twin of the Ocean will follow the System of Systems approach, integrating the plethora of existing EU Earth Observing and Modelling Digital Infrastructures and Facilities. 

About Iliad – Digital Twin of the Ocean

Groundstation.Space is one of the consortium partners in the Iliad – Digital Twin of the Ocean project. Read more about this project on the official website here and of course on our project page here.

Featured image credit: Freepik

Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

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