Horizon Europe Callout: PCP for Environmental Observation

 Horizon Europe Callout: PCP for Environmental Observation

This Horizon Europe call invites consortia to help prepare a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) for end-user services based on environmental observation (including from space) in the area of climate change adaptation and mitigation, in the context of the EU Green Deal.

In this series of ‘callouts’ we highlight open Horizon Europe funding calls that are relevant to the Dutch and European space data sector. These calls are selected through the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and Groundstation.Space ‘Open Calls’ initiative, offering a searchable portal of all open funding calls relevant for the space (data) sector.

Preparing for pre-commercial procurement (PCP) for end-user services based on environmental observation in the area of climate change adaptation and mitigation

Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2021-GOVERNANCE-01-15

Need description

The successful proposal will support the preparation, facilitation and pavement of the way for pre-commercial procurement in the area of climate change adaptation and mitigation to enable up-scaling and wide use of end user services to respond to common needs in this area. The successful proposal will be contributing to the European Green Deal objectives by further deploying and exploiting the use of environmental observations. In order to do so the project is expected to contribute to all of the following outcomes:

  • Creation of a critical mass of procurers of solutions and services in the area of climate change adaption and mitigation, which will undertake joint, cross-border or coordinated procurements;
  • Description of the common needs of the public procurers for end-user services in the area of climate change adaption and mitigation;
  • Reduced fragmentation of public sector demand via creation of a network(s) of public procurers capable of collectively implementing PCPs and/or public procurement of innovative solutions (PPIs);
  • Increased awareness in the network of procurers of relevant standards, certification and GEO data sharing principles;
  • Leverage of additional investment in research and innovation in the domain of
  • environmental observation and the Copernicus Climate Change Service;
  • Increased awareness and successful use of public procurement to boost innovation and increased exchange of experience in procurement practices and strategies (organising trainings and other information exchange tools) in the specific area Climate services.
Environmental observation from space (image source: ESA)

Scope of this call

The project is expected to prepare a pre-commercial procurement due to be part of the Cluster 6 work programme for 2023 in the domain of climate change services using the information and data from the Copernicus programme, GEO initiatives, other relevant initiatives such as EMODnet, European Commission Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation hosted at JRC, European research infrastructures and the broad range of environmental information.

Objective of the call

Proposals for topics under this destination should set out a credible pathway to contributing to innovative governance and sound decision making in policy for the green transition, and more specifically to one or several of the following impacts:

  • Innovative governance models enabling sustainability and resilience notably to achieve better informed decision-making processes, societal engagement and innovation;
  • Green Deal related domains benefit from further deployment and exploitation of Environmental Observation data and products;
  • A strengthened Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS);
  • Sustainability performance and competitiveness in the domains covered by Cluster 6 are enhanced through further deployment of digital and data technologies as key enablers;
  • More informed and engaged stakeholders and end users including primary producers and consumers thanks to effective platforms such as Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS);
  • Strengthened EU and international science-policy interfaces to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Write a winning proposal

This Horizon Europe call is currently open for proposals, with a deadline of 6 October 2021. NSO and Groundstation.Space will help you find consortium partners and help you write a winning proposal! How? Just follow these three steps!

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