Earth Observation at the heart of EUSPA’s 2nd Horizon Call

 Earth Observation at the heart of EUSPA’s 2nd Horizon Call

The €48,1 million calls targeting SMEs, academia and public actors aim to strengthen downstream capabilities and modernise the EU public sector by offering cutting-edge solutions based on Galileo, Copernicus, EGNOS and GOVSATCOM. – Press-release

Horizon Europe is the European Union’s key funding programme for research and innovation. It promotes scientific excellence, generates knowledge and technologies, and provides the appropriate environment to turn great ideas into products and services that will create jobs and bring sustainable growth to our economy.

Staying true to its mission of “linking space to user needs”, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) published its second Horizon Europe Call with a total value of €48,1 million to stimulate the development of innovative space downstream applications. The call will bring forth the added-value EU Space Programme data and services, namely Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus. It will focus on key areas including the use of Galileo and EGNOS in smart mobility applications, as well as the fusion of Copernicus data with Artificial Intelligence to boost the European Data Economy and help modernise the EU public sector.

For the first time, the call will look to deliver Satcom use cases based on the forthcoming GOVSATCOM system. The call is a unique opportunity for the European space downstream industry including SMEs and academia, but also public actors (e.g. regional and/or local authorities, infrastructure providers, civil protection organisations, etc.) to develop new EU space-based innovative applications, delivering commercial and social benefits. See below a breakdown of the funds’ distribution per thematic area:

See below a breakdown of the funds’ distribution per thematic area: 

• EGNSS applications for Smart mobility (Innovation Action), €9,5 million 

• Public sector as Galileo and/or Copernicus user (Pre-commercial Procurement), €5,2 million 

• Copernicus downstream applications and the European Data Economy (Innovation Action), €9,6million 

• Large-scale Copernicus data uptake with AI and HPC (Research and Innovation Action), €9,6million 

• Designing space-based downstream applications with international partners (Research and Innovation Action), €5,1 million 

• GOVSATCOM Service developments and demonstrations (Research and Innovation Action), €9,1million 

The application deadline for this call is 2 March 2023.

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The Open Calls Network

Earlier this year, the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and Groundstation.Space launched the Open Calls Network. This network promotes the uptake of space data funding opportunities, which it collects in a dedicated database, and organised a series of webinars.

The Open Calls Network also has a dedicated LinkedIn page, that you can join here.

Earlier this year the network organised seven thematic webinars. You can watch the replays and download all contact and funding information here:

  1. Climate Neutral and Smart Cities
  2. Digital and Industry
  3. Safety and Defence
  4. Restore Our Oceans and Water
  5. Adaptation to Climate Change
  6. Biodiversity
  7. Farm to Fork / A Soil Deal for Europe

We invite you to join the new Open Calls Network Linkedin page. Here you will find the latest news on funding opportunities and announcements of upcoming webinars.

Be open to the Open Calls Network!

Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

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