Living Planet Symposium Kicks Off Today

 Living Planet Symposium Kicks Off Today

Attracting thousands of scientists and data users, the ESA Living Planet Symposium LPS22 is amongst the biggest Earth observation conferences in the world. For decades now, Earth observation has played a fundamental role in advancing our understanding of how our planet works and how it is being affected by climate change. While the need to continue to advance our knowledge and monitor global change remains paramount, Earth observation has entered a new era where it is playing a key role in a myriad of everyday applications to improve daily lives and is also becoming increasingly relevant for the competitive business sector.

Official opening of LPS22 in Bonn, Germany on 23 May 2022 (video: ESA)

The symposium kicked off at the World Conference Centre, in Bonn, Germany today and will continue until Friday 27 May. The Living Planet Symposium 2022 is bigger and wider ranging than ever before. The event does not only see scientists present their latest findings on Earth’s environment and climate derived from satellite data, but also focuses on Earth observation’s role in building a sustainable future and a resilient society. Participants are able to explore how emerging technologies are revolutionising the use of Earth observation and how business and the economy can benefit from this new epoch.

LPS22 objectives

The Living Planet Symposium has five objectives:

  • Understand Earth systems – Prove how satellite data and open science contribute to our understanding of the different Earth systems, climate and their interactions.
  • Advance future technology for Earth Observation missions – Demonstrate new Earth observation instruments and technologies for existing and future missions.
  • Nurture public and private sector partnerships – Highlight the importance of existing and new partnerships, expand the Earth observation user base, increase access to capital and commercialisation.
  • Enable the Earth Observation digital transformation – Demonstrate how next generation technologies will create new opportunities for Earth observation including data collection, processing, distribution and analysis.
  • Empower the green transition – Confirm how Earth observation services can be integrated with local, national and global policies to drive socio-economic sustainable development, security, and resilience.

Networking after the pandemic

After a long period away from conferences and public events, the organisers want you to make the most of interactions throughout the Living Planet Symposium 2022. During the week, many events will allow to share, discuss and brainstorm in the most varied formats and contexts:

  • ICEBREAKER– Monday evening social event at the exhibition area, including refreshments and live music
  • AGORAS – The three stages in the exhibition area (Europa, Sapiens and Gemini) are dedicated to an interactive format with moderated panel discussions and give the opportunity to meet with your community. It is also a space for presentations that are not covered elsewhere. Find them in the online program.
  • NETWORKING EVENTS  – Throughout the week, several side-events will take place to foster closer interactions. Find them in the online program.
  • OPEN EARTH FORUM (OEF)– The OEF is dedicated to the topic of enabling digital technologies in EO (including cloud-based platforms & analytics, open source & jupyter technologies, APIs, etc.). It covers a range of Science Sessions, Agoras, Classroom Trainings & live technology Demonstrations in the OEF Demo Area. In addition, a dedicated OEF user community requirements survey is being conducted.
  • B2B MEETINGS –throughout the week, you can meet with business experts, ESA managers, company representatives and start-ups for one-on-one discussions.
  • POSTER SESSIONS – during the poster session and light aperitivo will be served. A perfect opportunity to mingle and direct discuss with your peers!
  • GETTING IN TOUCH WITH OTHER PARTICIPANTS – a dedicated tool will be available to contact other LPS22 participants with the possibility of finding matching backgrounds:

Follow LPS22 live

You can follow several of the LPS22 sessions live on ESA Web TV.

ESA Earth Observation Director Simonetta Cheli speaks at #LPS22 opening session (photo: ESA)

Remco Timmermans

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