Get involved! Join the PROTECT Public Climate Procurement Community

 Get involved! Join the PROTECT Public Climate Procurement Community

Do you work for a public authority and/or are you involved in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation actions? Are you looking for innovative geo-intelligence tools to facilitate the implementation of your climate actions and achieve the objectives of the Green Deal? Do you want to share and pool your needs with other European public authorities?

Collaborate with public authorities throughout Europe to jointly procure innovative climate services

The European Commission-funded project PROTECT seeks to support urgent action for climate adaptation and mitigation through innovation procurement procedures. It specifically aims to enable public authorities from different European regions to collaborate on joint pre-commercial procurement of climate services in 2024.

Community of Public Procurers

PROTECT will build a Community of Procurers and provide them with key information and knowledge about innovative procurement approaches for Climate Services based on Earth Observation data.

Becoming part of the community means that:

  • You will be prepared to undertake joint, cross-border or coordinated procurements in the future
  • You will get fresh and relevant information about trends and policies related to innovation procurement, climate change services and Earth Observation
  • You will be the first to become engaged and consulted about the challenges you face and your needs for Climate Services
  • You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, tools, tips and good practices with peers from other regions of Europe
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How to get involved?

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter

At the time of subscription, you can choose an area of ​​interest

  • Receive general information about PROTECT
  • receive information on Innovation Procurement
  • Receive Information on Climate Services that can be applied to Utilities, Green communities, Circular and Bioeconomy, Land use and Marine environment and Civil Security and Protection
  • Express your wish to become part of the PROTECT Community of Public Procurers
  1. Complete the Public Procurement Survey

The information gathered will allow the project team to pre-select relevant climate services to tackle your needs in addressing climate change challenges in five application domains: Energy and utilities, Sustainable urban communities, Agriculture, forestry and other land use, Marine and coastal environments, and Civil security and protection. To the extent possible, it is recommended to discuss the questionnaire with your procurement legal expert and your technical expert in a cooperative manner.  

For any questions you may have, please contact

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PROTECT supports urgent action for climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience. It enables public authorities to use state-of-the-art public procurement approaches in order to identify solutions – climate services based on Earth Observation – that best fit the specific and systemic needs of the public demand. The focus is on five application domains, namely: Utilities, Green communities, Circular and Bioeconomy, Land use and Marine environment and Civil Security and Protection.

PROTECT will source and assess existing and high-potential CS solutions and technologies that use Earth Observation data. It will engage with an extensive and varied community of procurers, facilitate the definition and aggregation of their needs and functional requirements for climate services, and explain, foster, and support a ‘buying with impact’ approach. PROTECT will prepare the operational ground for one or more joint, cross border or coordinated pre-commercial procurement (PCP) processes. At the policy level, it will provide decision-makers for procurement, climate and policy, at the EU, national, regional and local levels, with practical recommendations and guidelines to boost the use of innovation procurement for climate action.

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