EU-China international cooperation on improving monitoring for better integrated climate and biodiversity approaches, using environmental and Earth observation

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2024-CLIMATE-01-7

The EU and China face similar challenges as a result of climate change where it comes to biodiversity related aspects, land use and land condition (including disasters risks). Similar challenges could benefit from similar actions and defining best practices in improving land monitoring in order to design better approaches integrating climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation and biodiversity. Reaching climate neutrality will require deep GHG emissions reductions as well as enhancing carbon removals by sinks.

The successful proposal should contribute to a strengthened cooperation between the EU and China, also in the context of a better cooperation between the regional European initiative under the Group on Earth Observations (EuroGEO) and the regional Asia Oceanian initiative under the Group on Earth Observations (AOGEO), building on the nationwide climate and biodiversity monitoring programmes in China and the EU associated to agriculture and land activities as well as the European Green Deal objectives.

– Improved land monitoring for climate and biodiversity actions with the use of environmental and Earth observation data and information

– Geographically-explicit monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon removals on land

– Better assessment of the impact of climate change on biodiversity and the land condition

– Identification, mapping and monitoring methodologies of climate and biodiversity synergies and trade-offs on land management and land-use in particular agriculture

– Development and exchange of best practices in land monitoring for better integrated climate and biodiversity approaches between the China and the EU for use in the EU and China

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