Copernicus for Land and Water

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2024-SPACE-01-35

Proposals are expected to provide tangible results for the Copernicus service. Proposed research and development should be modular and scalable and should support the automation of different processes orchestration.


-Development of new and innovative methods to integrate current land products into land surface, land use and cover change, and more sophisticated land planning and allocation models for different environment, including through cross services approaches and using all relevant Copernicus service products
-Development of an integrated, harmonized, and coherent product provision system making use of new and innovative methods and observations for an improved portfolio of the current inland and coastal/shore hydrological satellite observation products


-Enhancing quality and efficiency of the Copernicus Land Monitoring service to respond to several Green Deal policy and/or user requirements
-Developing efficient and reliable new product chains, calling for new paradigms in data fusion, data processing and data visualisation essential for the Copernicus Land Service to handle more high-volume satellite data sets and product sets
-Developing a common leading-edge approach across services, and in the area of hydrological modelling services

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