Copernicus for Security

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2024-SPACE-01-36

Copernicus Security Services provide, today, a valuable contribution to civil security, law enforcement operations and crisis management in Europe as well as in support to its external actions. Technology and space capacities have been evolving significantly, creating opportunities for an increased outreach across a broader spectrum of related applications.


R&D activities fostering:
-Innovative methods and technologies to explore new and enlarged data sets

-Development of applications addressing requirements not currently tackled by the current services.

-Supporting actions towards the evolution and scope of the security services to increase user reach to respond to specific regional needs and increase service added value in user operational scenarios


-Enhanced current service fitness for better response to evolving policy and user requirements
-Enlargement of current service scope
-Enhanced technologies in detection capabilities
-Improved integration of non-space data along end-user intelligence supply chains

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