Fishing-vessel detection using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Sentinel-1 (Case Study: Java Sea)

Sarah Fitriani

The purpose of this research is to study fishing-vessel detection using SAR Sentinel-1 data. In this study, the constant false alarm rate method (CFAR) for Sentinel-1 data is used for the detection of fishing vessels in Indramayu sea waters. The data used to detect ships includes SAR Sentinel-1A images and vessel monitoring system (VMS) data acquired on 8 March and 20 March 2018. SAR Sentinel-1 imagery data is obtained through preprocessing and object identification using Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) software. Overlay analysis is then used to enable discrimination of immovable and movable objects and validation of ships detected from SAR Sentinel-1 imagery is performed using VMS data.




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