What if....?

Understanding the processes of the Earth system, as well as their interaction effects of the man-made activities, is recognized by the global scientific community as an urgent and important research direction. Observing the Earth using remote sensing is a non-invasive, non-destructive method of obtaining information. Remote Sensing can be used to track changes in the Earth’s climate and environment, as it provides a unique perspective on the Earth, its resources and the human impact thereon. Earth observation is a rapidly expanding field of research, with technological advances leading to smaller satellites with improved instrumentation, spatial / spectral coverage and resolution, as well as improved airborne hyper-spectral sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles and ground systems.

The groundstation OpenLab represents experimenting, sharing knowledge and the exploration of the possibilities with remote sensing and space technologies for the non-space industry and social communities. A well-known innovation quote that individuals frequently set themselves in the groundstation; What if…? The dotSPACE openlab was set up definitely to address this inquiry.

Sharing knowledge

The lab is a collection of extracurricular initiatives such as offering open software platforms, special master classes and experimental and trial workshops to be encouraged with these tools – and the guidance of specialists – to brainstorm and structure thoughts and arrangements utilizing space data & information. The lab thus activates and initiates projects towards a feasibility or prototype phase. This can be done by actively sharing knowledge and using it to shape ideas and challenges. Within the lab this is done by giving master classes with experts.

The groundstation workshops and hackathons make it possible to let collaborative developers work independently, without too much central control. The techniques the datasets, the essential materials (for instance structures, graphic documentation and so forth) are unreservedly made accessible to people in general.

The Lab’s activities focus on both urban and natural habitats. As regards the urban environment, the focus is mainly on the urban climate and planning, with emphasis on activities to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Different urban typologies and climate-relevant urban zone systems can be identified from satellite observations.

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