Open Innovation

Learning & experimenting

Dotspace is a logical partner for innovative learning. We translate the complex challenges and dilemmas of our time into learning and development programs in which we focus on solutions, doing and working together. In co-creation with experts, we arrive at concrete insights, but also future solutions for your organization.

The Groundstation brings remote sensing technologies, EO datasets together to create innovative solutions. Relations with International and regional authorities, SMEs, public institutions and larger companies allows the Groundstation to act as a catalyst for the diffusion of geospatial services that work.

talented people

The Groundstation training institute is for people who want to delve into the possibilities that space data has to offer. In our intensive trainings and masterclasses we challenge you on intellect, creativity and interaction.

In addition, we love to bring students, young talent and specific experts and researchers into contact with companies and institutions in order to jointly make new career plans.


To get started with earth observation data applications. We offer anyone interested in discovering and learning more about remote sensing technology a chance to receive hands-on instruction and improve upon their skills to become innovative with EO data concepts.


Workshops to connect non-space industry with the space data industry. We combine technical, design and business expertise in a creative and systematic approach. Our workshops come with a library of various ideation tools, such as brainstorming canvases and technology cards

Connect talent

We have the opportunity to participate in redeployment and match talent to roles, we understand the connection between the jobs to be done in organizations and institutes to be able to deliver the expected value with the relevant talent.

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