SPACEtalks 2024 Preview: Discovering Opportunities

 SPACEtalks 2024 Preview: Discovering Opportunities

Cosmonauts are thrilled to present the fourth iteration of SPACEtalks, taking place on the 26th – 27th of March, 2024 at the European Space Agency’s Convention Centre in Oxfordshire. This is a dynamic in-person event dedicated to fostering direct connections between investors and space-tech entrepreneurs – all while raising awareness about the industry’s current issues and trends.

SPACEtalks offers a unique opportunity not only to learn about the latest advances in space technology, but to invest in them. Through engaging panels, immersive exhibitions, and personalised sessions, attendees will have ample opportunities to network and collaborate within the space technology community.

SPACEtalks has been designed to make space-tech accessible and inspiring. With panels and solo sessions from industry experts, expect engaging discussions on the problems, nuances, and advances of this fascinating sector.

Panel:Elevating the Horizon’ | Fostering Regional Growth in the UK Space Industry – Analyse regional opportunities for growth in the UK’s space industry upstream sector, fostering innovation, job creation, and economic development.

ance amid dynamic space activities, and stress international collaboration’s significance.

Panel: ‘Cultivating Cosmic Capital’ | Investing in the Future of Space Technology, Perspectives from Deep Tech Investors – Discuss the evolving landscape of space technology investments and emerging opportunities for deep-tech investors. Examine the expected sector expansion amidst macroeconomic variables and explore factors beyond sustainability, global security, food security, and humanitarian assistance driving investments in the space industry.

By bringing together leaders and innovators in space technology with investors, SPACEtalks serves as a pivotal platform for learning, discussion, and investment in space technology. Join us as we drive this incredible industry above and beyond.

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