Discover space data

The Groundstation is created in the dotSPACE overall mission to research and discover “Space data”. DotSPACE brings the knowledge of spacedata to local communities around Europe through it’s Groundstation events. 

These events are organized by passionate individuals, researcher and entrepreneurs who seek to reveal new thoughts and to share their latest research in areas that spark discussions about utilizing space data. Groundstation events include live speakers and are organized independently.

The target groups we target are decision-makers and influencers in business, government and knowledge/research institutes.

In addition to our online platform we also organizes physical events. It remains our challenge to bring together Space technology supply and demand in a unique and professional way.

We know that events organized with passion and guts attract and retain attention and thus lead to valuable meetings and business more quickly.

That is why we pay a lot of attention in creating the most attractive environments, live and online. You are welcome in the world of the Groundstation, where the most valuable encounters take place all year round.


The groundstation tailored events enables to facilitate enduring strategic partnerships within the knowledge industry. Our personal approach and ecosystem of corporates, governments, cities, and space data companies makes each event unique.

Online platform

We are connecting the dots in the space tech ecosystem for startups and scale-ups, large corporations, governments and funding providers. Our intelligence platform and global community is to spark collaborative innovation.

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