Vytah Space Industry Conference

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Vytah Space Industry Conference 2022




– Organiser: VytahConf
– Condition to participate: None
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

Bratislava – Slovakia – 15 September 2022

Where space business meets you!

Space industry conference in Bratislava for scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

VytahConf. brings together 15 international speakers and 300 people and companies to push the boundaries of the space industry further. Join us in September 2022.

Whether you are already in the space business or you are just getting ready to dip your toes in, VytahConf is the place where you can meet all the right people.

  • startups – we help you with meeting the right players for your exact case
  • investors – meet the speakers over dinner and get an overview of the space-startup scene in the CEE region
  • researchers – get connected with the companies that make the most sense for you and your research

Are you just interested in the industry and its developments in general? Do you want to get an overview of what space-tech can do? (be it in space or on earth)

Info and Registration

Vytah Conference website

Registration will open soon

Confirmed speakers

  • Shimon Sarid (in) CEO | SpaceIL – How a small nation can reach the moon.
  • Egbert van der Veen (in) Head of Strategy – Venture Capital | OHB – Building a successful space company from scratch.
  • Carl Pucci (in) Founder and President | EO59 – How small satellites data can move the earth.
  • Alexander Gunkel (in) Founder & Managing Director | Space4Good – Fighting climate change using satellite data.

The commercial space age is here!

Space technology is already part of our lives – from GPS to baby formula.

Decreasing launch costs are opening untapped areas for business creation. Thanks to space data you can improve agriculture, make our cities smarter, and tackle climate change. Thanks to space tech, the future is in your hands!