By b2match



Czech Republic


– Organiser: b2match
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: Hybrid

The Space2Business conference offers inspiring plenary sessions, informative workshops and targeted one-to-one meetings, promising knowledge gain and new business contacts.

Strategically situated in Prague, home of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme EUSPA, and amidst the excellence in technology innovation support programmes, Space2Business & Brokerage addresses companies, startups, research institutions and other stakeholders searching for collaboration and new market opportunities.

The two-day event comprises five parallel parts

  1. Space EXPO 
  2. Brokerage session – B2B meetings between companies, startups, research institutions and other stakeholders searching for collaboration and market opportunities
  3. Conference on how to boost space business with EU and ESA – EU Space Programme, Cassini, Horizon Europe, ESA Priorities for 2025 (Results of the ESA Ministerial Council). Other topics focused on doing business in space, space industry cooperation, new partnership opportunities, downstream opportunities, space startups supporting initiatives and much more.
  4. Space Startup Pitch Competition – ESA BIC champions together with startups from EU and EUSPA competitions will pitch against each other on the main stage
  5. Side events – addressing various topics for both space & non-space audiences; like Jobfair, Building Lunar Economy, Satellite-connected cars: an opportunity for Europe, Czech-Italian Business Forum etc.

What are the topics?

  • How to do business in space with EU, EUSPA and ESA 
  • Space industry cooperation  and new partnership opportunities
  • Space downstream market analysis and opportunities
  • ESA Priorities for 2025
  • Opportunities for startups in EU, ESA and EUSPA frameworks and programmes

Why participate?

  • Find & meet your next technology partner/end-user through targeted and brief (20-minute) meetings
  • Promote your research results, technologies and know-how through effective networking between industrial/research partners
  • Find out about institutional and commercial market trends and innovations and discuss with those who understand your issues, with a focus on ESA programs, the European Space Strategy, and the forthcoming opportunities launched through the Horizon Europe R&D programs

Target group

  • Entrepreneurs (startups, SMEs, large companies) both space and non-space, clusters
  • Investors, VC funds, and business angels
  • Policymakers & governmental institutions
  • Stakeholders, supporting community members
  • Incubators, competence centres, and accelerators
  • Academia, universities, and R&D centres
  • Students and young professionals