RWS a data-driven innovator

 RWS a data-driven innovator

In recent years, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) has invested millions in innovative work and development of Remote Sensing (RS) technology and services. RS at RWS stands for data collection with various sensors (optical, infrared, laser, radar, etc.), placed on various platforms (satellites, airplanes, helicopters, cars and fixed sites). In addition, remote sensing stands for the collected methods and techniques that makes it possible to provide RS-based information products and services.

Developments in this technology are of course raging on. The trick remains to extract the jewels and to test them for practical value. Offering continuity in knowledge in the field of ICT and GIV ‘, RS in particular, also requires partial targeted continuation of research tasks

Satellite and RS data is playing an increasingly important role in RWS’s work processes. This data-driven way of working requires an organizational change from the Procurement Department Data analysis (IGA), where the development is partly aimed at improving data analysis & data quality.

RWS is in a transition period and is developing new and optimizing its existing services. RWS is therefore specifically looking for innovation and realization power, talent for integral and efficient cooperation.

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