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Developing skilled scientists

The EU-funded SKIES project aims to provide for PhD and first year postdoctoral researchers in the field of astronomy with a new set of skills, integrating open science, innovation and entrepreneurship. With this, students will gain substantial experience equipping them for a career to fulfil their potential and to contribute to society and economy.

A ‘Train the Trainer’ programme is available to build the capacity of the teaching staff so that they have the training and tools to continue the programme beyond the life of the project. Additionally, an online training MOOC is available to support the partner and other organisations interested in running similar courses.


SKIES Project logo

SKIES Feedback Form

Dear partner or participant of SKIES activities, Your feedback throughout the project will help us to make sure everything is working well. Let us know what is working well, how we can improve and what we should consider. Feel free to tell us who you are in your answers, or

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