Space Week NL 2023

By NL Space Campus

Conference, Outreach Event


Leiden, Delft, Noordwijk,


– Organiser: NL Space Campus
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: Hybrid

This fall, it’s time for the second edition of The Space Week NL on 7-15 October. This 9-day space extravaganza includes unique experiences and events on exclusive locations in The Netherlands. Together with the entire Dutch space sector, The Space Week NL demystifies space by opening its doors for everyone. We connect people, knowledge, talent and money across sectors to help visitors uncover space and its endless possibilities. From investors and policy makers to business and the public:

there is space for everyone.

The Space Week is powered and initiated by NL Space Campus in collaboration with ESA ESTEC and supported by the Dutch space sector.

Throughout the year, week events dedicated to specific topics took place. During spring, the Life Sciences & Health Week brought together stakeholders from Leiden, Europe and beyond to discuss ground-breaking innovation and scientific excellence in (bio)medical sciences. The Space Week 2022 was a week of events in autumn, facilitated by NL Space Campus and in strong collaboration with the region and Leiden2022. It offered a way to demystify space for enthusiasts of all ages and was visited by over 10,000 people.

SAVE THE DATE:  Block your agenda for The Space Week NL 2023: October 7 – October 15. 

Can’t wait? Check out the website and get ready to demystify space with us!