New Space Economy Congress 2023

By Cambra de Comerc de Barcelona

new space economy congress 2023




– Organiser: Cambra de Comerc de Barcelona
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

Two days that will again make Barcelona the center of the new space economy and that will help to understand the business opportunities that this sector provides in areas such as: constellations of small satellites, new materials and quantum technology, satellite telecommunications, GNSS, cybersecurity, satellite data, or the management of humanitarian challenges.

New Space Economy

The New Space Economy is characterized by the emergence of new players, such as private companies and startups, who are disrupting the traditional government-dominated space industry.

The sector is being driven by technological advancements that are reducing the cost of space exploration and making it more accessible to a wider range of players.

This includes activities such as the manufacture of small satellites, the launch of satellites and the development of space-based applications.

It is expected to create new business opportunities, generate economic growth, and drive innovation in a variety of industries.

The Congress

In recent years, the emergence of the New Space or new space economy has been a real disruption in the space sector. This area was born thanks to the emergence of nanosatellites, small satellites with lower costs and faster development times. It is an area with a strong commercial orientation in the creation of its solutions and services.

This paradigm shift is promoting democratisation of the space sector, where SMEs and startups now have a place, and where governments like Catalonia can have very good positioning, creating a global opportunity for multiple business models across the value chain and promoting a large return on investments made in this area.

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce initiated a firm commitment to the high-value-added economy, including the description of the space sector in its Catalonia 30/40 strategy as an innovative and developing technology sector, which will allow the promotion of other sectors such as telecommunications, mobility, environmental surveillance and civil protection.