Munich New Space Summit 2024

By Munich Aerospace





– Organiser: Munich Aerospace
– Condition to participate: Registration for the Munich New Space Summit 2024 is not open yet.
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: Virtual

The Munich New Space Summit serves as a vital platform for the convergence of experts, researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers to engage in discussions, share insights, and explore collaborations within the realm of commercial space exploration. The event encompasses diverse facets of New Space, including satellite development and initiatives driven by private companies and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Key focus areas include:

Technology & Innovation

Delving into the technological forefront, New Space emphasizes advancements in materials, propulsion systems, artificial intelligence, and component miniaturization.

The Human in Space

Humans in space epitomize the fusion of relentless research and advanced technologies.
Driven by innovative science and interdisciplinarity, new health capabilities will emerge for space and on Earth.


New Space contributions extend to global telecommunications infrastructure through satellite constellations, supporting broadband internet access, connectivity in remote areas, and Internet of Things (IoT) device support.

Earth Observation & Remote Sensing

Advanced Earth observation satellites, a product of New Space, find applications in agriculture, environmental monitoring, disaster response, and urban planning.

Transportation & Logistics

Reusable rocket technology and progress in space transportation have the potential to reshape global logistics and cargo transportation, with additional prospects emerging in space tourism.


Exploring the extraction of resources from celestial bodies, such as asteroids, New Space ventures hold implications for the future of resource mining and energy production.

Defense & Security

New Space technologies play a crucial role in defence and security applications, encompassing satellite-based communication, navigation, and reconnaissance.

Environmental Sustainability

Satellite data derived from New Space activities contribute to environmental sustainability efforts, facilitating climate change tracking, deforestation monitoring, and ecosystem health assessments.

Finance & Investment

The New Space sector’s substantial investment attraction involves increased participation from financial institutions, underscoring the economic and financial implications of space exploration.

Education & Research

New Space activities foster advancements in science and research, with educational institutions collaborating with private space companies for experiments and studies in microgravity environments.

Regulatory & Legal

As the New Space sector expands, the summit highlights the growing importance of regulatory and legal frameworks governing space activities, emphasizing responsible and sustainable practices through collaboration between the space industry and legal experts.