Leveraging Space Technology for Sustainable Infrastructure Development

By dotSPACE x Royal HaskoningDHV



At 16:00
At 17:30


– Organiser: dotSPACE x Royal HaskoningDHV
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: Virtual

Integrating space technology into sustainable infrastructure development transforms the approach to building resilient and eco-friendly societies. This webinar will delve into the instrumental role that space data plays in advancing sustainable infrastructure across various domains. By exploring how space technology supports spatial planning, renewable energy forecasting, smart mobility solutions, and effective disaster monitoring and response strategies, this webinar aims to elucidate the transformative potential of space-driven solutions in shaping a more sustainable future

In addition to delving into space technology, attendees will be introduced to the Cassini program, a series of six notable hackathons backed by the European Union. These events, attracting over 1,000 participants, span three days of technical talks, workshops, and a captivating 48-hour coding competition. Regardless of their interest in the Hackathon, everyone is welcome to participate in the webinar!

Webinar agenda

16:00 – Welcome and logistics
16:05 – Introduction to CASSINI Hackathon (by dotSPACE)
16:07 – Keynote speaker from Royal Haskoning DHV (TBA). Topic: “Leveraging space technology for sustainable infrastructure development”
16:25 – Q&A with Keynote speaker
16:30 – Overview of the CASSINI Program (by dotSPACE)
16:35 – 1-min pitch session (Pre-registered participants)
16:50 – Closing remarks
17:00 – 17:30 – Networking and Matchmaking session

One-minute Pitch and Matchmaking

The webinar offers a platform to pitch your innovative ideas and connect with potential teammates should you participate in the Hackathon. To secure your slot in One-Minute pitch sessions, tick the relevant checkbox below, and you will receive appropriate instructions via email.

About Webinar Organisers

dotSPACE foundation is focusing on driving the use of Earth Observation data to build solutions for critical challenges in public health, food security, smart cities, and agriculture. The foundation also runs groundstation.space, a rich resource featuring news about opportunities and developments in the sector. Royal Haskoning DHV is a global company of more than 6,000 engineering professionals united by the mission to build a sustainable future.