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The role of space in driving sustainability, security, and development

A new report by McKinsey & Company reveals five actions that space leaders can take to contribute to economic development, advance global security and sustainability, and make space a safe and globally accessible domain. Space Renaissance The world is in a space renaissance. Expanding activity in space is beginning to outpace governance, technological progress is increasing accessibility, […]Read More

Space for Security and Safety

Earlier this month the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) issued its latest report “Space in Support of Security Missions: An evolving landscape with untapped potential”, about the role of space for safety and security of society in a non-military context. The report notes a positive momentum for future developments in this field, as evidenced by […]Read More

Maritime Awareness Call

The European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) is looking for solutions to enhance the EU’s maritime awareness: “multifunctional capabilities, including space based surveillance and tracking (discover, locate, identify, classify and counteract the threats). Deadline: 1 December 2020. Complete call text can be found on the EU portal. Challenge The EU has an increasing need of […]Read More

SpaceNed and NIDV sign cooperation agreement

On June 30, SpaceNed (representing the Dutch space industry) and NIDV (representing the Dutch Defence and Security-related industry) signed an agreement to start closer cooperation, starting with a joint working group “Space for Defence and Security”. The cooperation signals the closer links between security and space and is a timely action as the vision on […]Read More

European Defence Fund

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has issued the following position paper, outlining its priorities for the European Defence Industrial Programme (EDIDP) and the European Defence Fund (EDF) 2021-2027. This helps organisations involved in research and developing products and services for the safety and security market in their strategic decision-making. The paper is presented in its […]Read More