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Best 8 Ocean Monitoring Methods

Text by guest author: Bash Sarmiento, edited by Remco Timmermans Countless lives rely on the bounties of the ocean. Still, more than 80% of its waters remain unexplored.  However, it doesn’t mean that humankind has focused on space and land instead of the waters. Efforts remain to explore, discover, and learn more about the deep […]Read More

Iliad Digital Twin of the Ocean website now live

Groundstation is part of the Iliad Digital Twin of the Ocean project. This new Horizon 2020 project was officially kicked off in February 2022 with a webinar and the launch of its new website! What is Iliad Digital Twin of the Ocean? The Iliad project is an EU funded project, building on the assets resulting […]Read More

Tracking Oil Spills with Copernicus

Oil spills can have a devastating and destructive impact on the oceans and marine wildlife, having been a major concern in the marine world for years. Copernicus offers real-time monitoring of oil spills from space. Oil spills can occur as a result of accidents involving ships or oil rigs, or from illegal operational discharges. These […]Read More

Space Support for the Marine Environment

Many different human activities on land and at sea cause pressures on Europe’s seas. A European Environment Agency’s (EEA) briefing, published in December 2020, shows that these pressures have now reached the outermost sea areas and the deepest seafloor. Human activities affect negatively 93 % of Europe’s sea area According to the EEA briefing, the […]Read More

International ocean governance EC consultation

From 15 July to 15 October 2020, the European Commission Maritime Affairs and Fisheries seeks input into the governance of international oceans and the EU’s role. The contributions will help re-examine the EU’s role in international ocean governance, assess the three priorities of the current agenda (actions and goals) and identify new policy areas/actions to […]Read More