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Ideas for satellites against climate change

A recent Netherlands Space Office (NSO) call has lead to 27 ideas for the use of satellites for climate adaptation and mitigation! The conclusions of the recent IPCC report were unmistakable: Climate change continues unabated and leads to weather extremes. Satellites are important for understanding the climate system and keeping an eye on weather and climate. But […]Read More

Space Campus Noordwijk becomes NL Space Campus

For the last years, Space Campus Noordwijk has steadily developed into a new meeting place for the international space sector. It has been built around existing facilities of ESA ESTEC, ESA BIC, the Galileo Reference Centre (GRC) and the Space Expo science centre as inseparable anchor points. It acts as a central place for the […]Read More

SPEXone is good to go!

Dutch Minister Van Engelshoven: “SPEXone is good to go!” On 22 February 2021, Dutch space research institute SRON briefly opened its digital doors for the media and the parties that have been collaborating over the past years on the new Dutch satellite instrument SPEXone. On behalf of the Dutch government, outgoing minister Ingrid van Engelshoven […]Read More

Satellites always see the plants, clouds or no clouds

Clouds or not, satellites always keep an eye on plants, with the support of Dutch innovation. As of today, farmers from all over the world can monitor their crops via satellites, even when it is cloudy. The Dutch company VanderSat has developed a technology that allows, for example, dehydrated plants to be detected under all […]Read More

First Dutch Military Nanosatellite

Virgin Orbit will launch the first Dutch military satellite into orbit in mid-March. It is a so-called nanosatellite that is slightly larger than a carton of milk. Named after the first Dutch military aircraft, the Dutch Ministry of Defense enters the space domain with the Brik-II. The exact date of the launch has yet to […]Read More

Earth is increasingly relying on space technology

Safe communication between military personnel, predicting forest fires, real-time images of air pollution, knowing exactly how much water crops need, and rapid identification of imminent dike subsidence. This is a selection of applications made possible by satellites orbiting the earth. In almost every corner of our society, space technology offers opportunities: for companies to develop […]Read More

12 Questions about Tropomi

Tropomi is a Dutch-made satellite instrument that examines air quality more accurately than ever. Here are twelve questions about the heart of the Sentinel-5P Earth Observation satellite: What is Tropomi? Tropomi is a satellite instrument that studies air quality worldwide and more accurately than ever. Tropomi orbits the earth for 100 minutes and at an […]Read More

Nine new Dutch Earth observation research projects funded

The Dutch Research Council NWO has awarded funding to nine new research proposals in the area of Earth observation. The new projects will investigate for example geothermal energy, the navigation of songbirds and a historical set of aerial images of the Antarctic Peninsula. The researchers involved will receive the grant from the User Support Programme […]Read More

Vega launch offers opportunities for Dutch commercial space

More than 50 small satellites were simultaneously launched into space from French Guyana with the Vega Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) on 2 September 2020. It is the first time that a rocket launch by the European Space Agency ESA is entirely devoted to small satellites. There are several Dutch innovations and hardware on board, […]Read More