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Satellite data resources for investigative journalism

Wildfires, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, mass evacuations from cities and countries, illegal forestry and fishing, war damage, ships stuck in critical waterways… We have all seen many examples of disasters from space. Many of these stories come from investigative journalism using images from space. Investigative Journalism Call: Support Ukraine’s Defence from Space Images from satellites […]Read More

Nine new Dutch Earth observation research projects funded

The Dutch Research Council NWO has awarded funding to nine new research proposals in the area of Earth observation. The new projects will investigate for example geothermal energy, the navigation of songbirds and a historical set of aerial images of the Antarctic Peninsula. The researchers involved will receive the grant from the User Support Programme […]Read More

Closing data extended ESA Decommissioning of Energy Assets

The decommissioning of energy assets is a relevant issue worldwide.  Two main types of assets are targeted by ESA through this funding opportunity: offshore oil & gas platforms and wind farms. The decommissioning of oil and gas platforms involves activities such as removal of underwater structures and topside platforms; these activities have to be handled […]Read More

We can transform Europe, together

The Green Deal is the European Commission’s plan to make the European Union climate neutral by 2050. This means that Europe wants to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions must therefore be drastically reduced, and what would be emitted by 2050 must be immediately absorbed or compensated, for example through forests or new […]Read More