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SPEXone is good to go!

Dutch Minister Van Engelshoven: “SPEXone is good to go!” On 22 February 2021, Dutch space research institute SRON briefly opened its digital doors for the media and the parties that have been collaborating over the past years on the new Dutch satellite instrument SPEXone. On behalf of the Dutch government, outgoing minister Ingrid van Engelshoven […]Read More

Tracking Fracking, with Dutch Science

Earlier this week the Copernicus OBSERVER published an article about the improved abilities to track methane emissions from the oil and gas extraction industry from space. This capacity practically did not exist five years ago, but space and instrument technology have made big leaps since, partially thanks to Dutch instruments and Dutch science. What is […]Read More

Earth is increasingly relying on space technology

Safe communication between military personnel, predicting forest fires, real-time images of air pollution, knowing exactly how much water crops need, and rapid identification of imminent dike subsidence. This is a selection of applications made possible by satellites orbiting the earth. In almost every corner of our society, space technology offers opportunities: for companies to develop […]Read More