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LDE NL Space Campus Summer School – Day 6

Today is already the last day of the LDE NL Space Campus Summer School in the Netherlands! Today the teams visited Decos and then presented their team projects at the Space Business Innovation Centre, both located at the NL Space Campus in Noordwijk. Our participant-reporter Miraslava Kazlouskaya explains: Watch all daily space summer school video […]Read More

LDE NL Space Campus Summer School – Day 5

Welcome to day 5 of the LDE NL Space Campus Summer School! Today the students went back to the NL Space Campus to visit the EUSPA Galileo Reference Centre! After this they went to Unmanned Valley, while is all about uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones! Our participant-reporter Miraslava Kazlouskaya tells us about […]Read More

LDE NL Space Campus Summer School – Day 4

Today was day four of the six-day LDE NL Space Campus Summer School in the Netherlands. Today the participants spent the day at TU Delft! Our participant-reporter Miraslava Kazlouskaya explains: Previous Episodes Make sure to follow Mira and her fellow students every day! LDE NL Space Campus Summer School Day 1 and 2 LDE NL […]Read More

SBIR Call for AI, Image Recognition and Remote Sensing for

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is challenging industry to find innovative AI-driven solutions for image recognition and remote sensing. For this, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO has issued a new SBIR call. Objective of this SBIR call 1) Developing AI solutions using imagery with remote sensing (sensing on the ground, with drones and/or satellites) […]Read More

LDE NL Space Campus Summer School – Day 3

Today marked already the third day of the LDE (Leiden-Delft-Erasmus) NL Space Campus Summer School programme! Our on-the-spot reporter and programme participant Miraslava Kazlouskaya tells you about her experiences today: The day started at Astron, then the group moved to the Leiden Institute of Physics, the Space Law Department of Leiden University, ending at the […]Read More

LDE NL Space Campus Summer School – Day 1 and

From today, we will report on the ongoing LDE NL Space Campus Summer School every day. Our space law specialist Miraslava Kazlouskaya and our project specialist Jerry Yao are attending this course, and report on their experiences on a daily basis. As the school started on a Sunday, today we publish a double report! Day […]Read More


The Open Calls Network

The Netherlands Space Office together with Groundstation.SPACE launched the Open Calls Network! As part of this network we are organising a series of webinars, as well as a dedicated LinkedIn page. By joining the Open Calls Network you will receive invitations to webinars and project updates. In addition you will have opportunities to present your […]Read More

Dutch AI Startup Landscape

The Dutch AI and Earth observation sectors show great overlap, as shown by the recently published Dutch AI Landscape and Netherlands Space Industry maps. At the recent virtual Swedish Innovation Days, the updated version of the European AI (Artificial Intelligence) landscape was presented. The first version of the landscape was launched at the end of […]Read More

Participate Now: NSO Dutch Space Industry Survey 2022

The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) created a survey for the Dutch space sector. Please make sure you participate! The opportunities for Dutch companies involved in the space-sector are growing rapidly, among others due to the better accessibility to space technology and higher availability of free-of-charge satellite data. We see an increase of activities of established […]Read More


Space Industry Map of The Netherlands 2022

The space industry in the Netherlands is slowly evolving to be one of the pillars of the Dutch high tech sector. From humble beginnings several decades ago, it is now a major contributor to the European space sector. Most people are familiar with ESA-ESTEC, the technical heart of the European Space Agency in Noordwijk, but […]Read More