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Become a space entrepreneur with Cassini

CASSINI is the European Commission new initiative to support innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s in the space industry, including New Space, during 2021-2027. The initiative is open to all areas of the EU Space Programme, and covers both upstream (i.e. nanosats, launchers, etc.  and downstream (i.e. products/services enabled by space data, etc.). CASSINI includes a […]Read More

End of Mission for Sentinel-1B

On 23 December 2021, Copernicus Sentinel-1B experienced an anomaly related to the instrument electronics power supply provided by the satellite platform, leaving it unable to deliver radar data. Since then spacecraft operators and engineers have been working tirelessly to rectify the issue. Unfortunately, despite all concerted efforts, ESA and the European Commission announce that it […]Read More

Old but gold – Use of historic Copernicus EO data

Earth Observation (EO) data supports research by scientists all around the world. For this research, access to historic EO data is particularly valuable. It provides better knowledge and understanding of the processes affecting our planet, and helps the downstream space data market develop more meaningful applications. Considering the vast and constantly growing amount of data, […]Read More

Space Forge: Business Opportunities in Low Earth Orbit

Space Forge is transforming return from space to enable revolutionary products, for the benefit of humanity. The ForgeStar vehicle is a low-cost, independent, reusable space vehicle, which can perform scalable manufacturing in orbit. It will develop and manufacture new materials and products, for space alongside non-space organisations, who can then reap the benefits of in-space manufacturing […]Read More

The EUSPA Space Academy – Free Online Training for Space

Tired of the nine-to-five grind? Spacing out at your desk while thinking of launching your own start-up? It’s time to stop dreaming, buckle up and get ready for lift off towards exciting opportunities in space! The Space Academy, a new initiative by the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), is your ticket to creating ground-breaking new […]Read More

Space for Inspiration 2022: The new LEO and Lunar Economy

Earlier this week we attended the ESA Space in Business Growth Network (ESA-BSGN) Space for Inspiration conference at ESA’s technological heart at ESTEC in Noordwijk, Netherlands. An inspirational week in space! This warm week in July was a very exciting week in space, with a lot happening! The highlight that made major headlines were the […]Read More

EO-Lab is Launched – New Access to Earth Observation Data

How can we measure the wellbeing of our planet? Scientists and researchers in Germany are now offered a new platform for analysing Earth observation satellite data. The new EO-Lab has been commissioned by the German Aerospace Centre (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and […]Read More

A History of Copernicus

Even though the history of Copernicus is not yet that long, it has grown from a modest, but very ambitious start in 1998 to the largest Earth Observation programme in the world in 2022! This article was originally published on the Copernicus Observer blog on 20 June 2022. It was moderated and edited for republication […]Read More

EDA Defence Innovation Prize 2022 Open for Submissions

Since 2018, the Agency organises the ‘EDA Defence Innovation Prize’ which rewards companies and research entities who come up with ground-breaking technologies, products, processes or services applicable in the defence domain. The contest aims to stimulate defence innovation in Europe and provide non-traditional defence stakeholders (civil industries, SMEs, research organisations, universities, etc.) with an opportunity […]Read More