Open Calls Network: Space for Climate

 Open Calls Network: Space for Climate

The Open Calls Network continues to grow and we continue to meet potential partners during webinars. In the fifth edition, we focused on funding opportunities that are already open or about to open soon, around opportunities related to Climate Change.

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“Adaptation to Climate Change” webinar

CTO of ISISPACE Group, Zeger De Groot introduced the ClimateSpaceNL programme. ClimateSpaceNL is Public-Private-Partnership working to invest 50 M EUR per year in the coming decade to develop services that pinpoint GreenHouse Gas emissions from Space. It envisages using a constellation of small satellites that will primarily measure Methane, CO2 and NO2 and will develop the complete value chain from science and technology development to value-added services to scientific, institutional and commercial end-users.

Andrei Bocin-Dumitriu (dotSpace foundation) did the overview of funding opportunities that are already open or about to open soon, around opportunities related to Climate Change

System engineer of Alba Orbital, Noel Png did his 1-minute pitch at the ‘Adaptation to Climate Change’ webinar.

In case you missed this webinar, you could watch the webinar recordings as well as download slides from speakers

Horizon Europe Callout: End-to-end Earth observation systems and associated services

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-SPACE-01-11


The expected outcomes of this topic will enable flexible satellite Earth-observation end-to-end systems as a strong subject to answer the new trends of a very dynamic market environment with high potential.


  • Achieve and maintain the worldwide leadership for the Earth Observation system
  • Contribute to EU non-dependence for the development of Earth-observation technologies
  • Contribute to making the EU a net-zero emitter of greenhouse gases (European Green Deal)

Opening date: TBD

Horizon Europe Callout: Development of applications under the EuroGEO initiative

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2024-GOVERNANCE


This action should be an application-oriented initiative, aimed at promoting existing European showcases developed under relevant H2020 projects and initiatives (such as e-shape) and scaling them up to deliver ready-to-market services relying on existing strengths in Europe in co-design with end-users and customers.


  • Better informed policy formulation for the Zero Pollution Action Plan in the domains of air, water or soil pollution
  • Support the development of the European service sector regarding end-user climate services related to the European Green Deal thematic areas
  • Establishment of a comprehensive and coordinated suite of services to deliver economic, social and policy value to European citizens
  • Strengthening links between GEOSS and Copernicus
  • Advancements of the GEO/EuroGEO Digital Ecosystem
  • Exploitation of the large/established European cloud systems

Opening date: TBD

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