Threat surveillance and protection of space-based assets

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Open Call Reference: EDF-2023-RA-SPACE-PSA

Considering the increasing threats and hazards towards space-based capabilities, crosscutting functions and technologies should be developed for better efficiency, safety and resilience of core missions such as space-based Earth observation, positioning navigation and timing, space situational awareness and missile early warning. One of these crosscutting functions should address resilience and passive protection of space assets, in particular local protection and the ability to detect and identify threats.


-Addressing concerns on space system architecture and layout

-Complementing activities under previous EDIDP calls


-Consolidating the potential threats against space assets and technological solutions to address them, studying, selecting and further designing the most promising ones and developing the associated roadmap and technological building blocks

-Inclusion of passive or active optical sensors, radar sensors, on-board processing, technologies for manoeuvers, and other protection solutions against identified threats including interference, directed-energy weapons and other physical attacks.

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