Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to protect critical infrastructure from climate change, mainstreaming nature based solutions

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-02

In line with the Mission Implementation Plan and moreover with the new EU Climate Adaptation Strategy, implementing nature-based solutions on a larger scale would increase climate resilience. Blue-green (as opposed to grey) infrastructures represent multipurpose, “no regret” solutions, which simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build climate resilience, which uptake can be facilitated by better quantification and communication of their benefits.

-Protecting critical infrastructure from climate impacts and make it ready to withstand the changing climate and its consequences
-Solutions for building and/or managing new critical infrastructure and/or upgrading/regenerating/revitalising/refurbishing existing ones through green/blue/hybrid infrastructure and if needed different governance structures
-Inclusion of digital solutions and services to better predict, monitor and report on climate events, in particular towards improve forecasts of adverse events and triggering adequate risk management and emergency procedures

-Developing regional and community leadership to identify weaknesses and interlinkages between critical infrastructures and the development and testing of solutions that will make their critical infrastructure more resilient to climate change
-Deployment of nature-based solutions protecting infrastructure from adverse effects of climate change
-Prevention and management of emergency events linked to adverse climate effects is improved, thanks to “by design” integration of digital monitoring and relevant data sources in the solutions

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