Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions increasing climate resilience of the agriculture sector

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-01

This topic relates to the Mission’s second objective, aiming to mobilise at least 150 regions in testing the solutions most locally needed to build climate resilience. The proposal should develop and test innovative solutions, combining technological, social and business innovation, leading to an increase of the resilience and adaptation capacity to climate change in the involved regions and communities of the agriculture sector and the related value chains. Nature based solutions and the restoration of cropland and grassland should be explored as priority and at the very heart of the development whenever possible.

-Improved resilience of the agriculture/forestry sector to withstand dry periods and extreme droughts while protecting the ecological flows, preserving biodiversity in and around the catchment channels, preserving longitudinal connectivity of the flowing streams, slowing the falling level of the groundwater table and reversing the loss of biodiversity
-Exploiting agro-ecology as an approach to enhance the climate resilience of the farming system
-Development of more natural ecosystems, generating combined benefits for climate mitigation, reduction of water flooding and soil erosion
-Increase awareness of the value of maintaining and restoring existing natural systems

-Contribute to the implementation of the river basin management plans in place
-Provide solutions that are at least neutral or support biodiversity, are at least neutral or improve water quality, making both the sector and nature more resilient to climate change and supporting implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030
-Make the agriculture business and other eco-businesses more resilient to long term effects of climate change
-Contribute to climate resiliency of agriculture and related businesses in the sector through targeted education, up- and re-skilling programs

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