Tackling human and climate change induced pollution in the Arctic – building resilient socio-ecological systems

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2024-ZEROPOLLUTION

Main environmental concerns in the Arctic stem from the loss of pristine environment and unique ecosystems. On one hand, ice melting allows for more people and economic activities to enter the area, and on the other hand, transboundary pollution brings into the Arctic contaminants whose sources are thousands of kilometres away.

Developing innovative approaches to address one of the following options:
– Local and transboundary Pollutants in the Arctic – risks and challenges in a One Health approach
– Pollution and health risks linked to permafrost thaw

– Advanced scientific understanding of the impacts of pollution in the Arctic

– Advanced understanding of the main ecological, socio-economic and health associated risks and challenges

– Resilience and adaptation strategies identified for both ecosystems and human communities, in relation to the changes in Arctic

– Assessment and monitoring tools developed for pollution impacts

– Contribute to the implementation of the EU Policy for the Arctic

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