Supporting the green and digital transformation of the energy ecosystem and enhancing its resilience through the development and piloting of AI-IoT Edge-cloud and platform solutions

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-01-15

“Projects addressing this call provide major contributions to the implementation of the Digitalization of Energy Action plan. Actions should therefore develop solutions that aim at increasing the integration of renewable energy sources, as well as the local generation and consumption of energy and processing of data by developing and piloting at scale open source, environmentally friendly, easily upgradeable and energy-efficient cloud-edge solutions.

-Support for a decentralized environment for grid flexibility and energy services, based on digital enables such as artificial intelligence, swarm computing, and IoT
-Demonstrate critical operations capability such as low-battery, fault tolerance, and harsh weather conditions to ensure resilient operations
-Use of operational end-to-end architectures, digital platforms and other data exchange infrastructure for the energy system being developed under ongoing EU programmes and other relevant initiatives to ensure interoperability among the project and other European IoT research and innovation

-Innovation in data-driven energy services by 3rd parties through fast spreading, market uptake and validation under critical operating conditions in a real environment of transparent, accessible and reliable highly distributed open platforms, frameworks and mechanisms for data exchange and storage to support innovative services across the EU
-Validation in a large-scale environment of the application of cutting-edge digital technology (Cloud-Edge continuum, edge intelligence, AI/ML (federated learning), IoT) in a more decentralised environment in the energy sector”

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