Supporting the emergence of an open humancentric Metaverse

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-23

“An acceleration of blending of the real world with augmented and virtual worlds is giving rise to the Metaverse, the digital space that merges several technological trends and that may become the new frontier for the Internet. It offers an infinite array of possibilities and opportunities for many industrial and service sectors including creativity and arts as well as for citizens. At the same time, it also poses significant societal, regulatory and ethical challenges

-Contribute to structuring the Metaverse community and stakeholders in Europe through networking, outreach, public awareness, and market analysis activities
-Organize engagement processes with relevant stakeholders and wide consultation with citizens and civil society on the topic of the Metaverse
-Reinforce the links between the various Metaverse related elements, in particular eXtended reality and AI, Blockchain, Connectivity but also any other related technologies
-Support the development of an EU strategy and roadmap towards an open human-centric Metaverse, including the identification of priority areas and application areas with a strong public dimension that would require strong public support and public and private investments
-Identify ethical, legal, societal and economical aspects of the Metaverse such as the ownership of the digital identity

-Europe to co-shape and promote an open, decentralised, trustworthy European and global Metaverse in line with the vision of human-centric technology set out in the EU Declaration on Digital Principles and Rights
-A strong and competitive ecosystem, with European companies playing a leading role in the adoption and acceptance, and in the development and deployment of Metaverse technologies”

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