Supporting the development of a digital twin to improve management, operations and resilience of the EU Electricity System in support to REPowerEU

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-01-10

“To deal with the rising complexity of the Energy System(s), and the impact of the fast-changing energy market reality on the energy system, a digital twin of the electricity grid is a key digital solution to support network operators and market players in performing a well-informed decision-making. It is key tool to accelerate the innovation cycle and to reduce the inertia of the energy sector when it comes to the integration of digital solutions in the energy system in order to make it more efficient, resilient and able to integrate higher shares of renewable energies.

-Creation and development of a Digital Twin of the Electricity Grid that covers dynamic monitoring, smart grid planning, secure operations, and scenario analysis
-Promotion of new ways for energy companies to share data and break data-silos to simplify the data maintenance and exchange process
-Synchronize and standardize data from various systems that are not related in terms of ownership and with varying levels of infrastructure maturity
-Use of the Digital Twin for multi-faceted resilience scenario analysis to investigate how the electricity grid responds to stimuli or shocks and what answers can be provided

-Increase the reliability of the energy system by enhancing flexibility and efficiency of the European electricity grid
-Improve management, maintenance and operations of the EU Electricity System
-Enhance dynamic monitoring of the energy system, to facilitate energy system integration, information flows, detect anomalies, forecasting demand and to address infrastructure bottlenecks
-Improve the data exchange between TSOs and DSOs and between network operators and the market players, leveraging data exchange from prosumers
-Creation of new services for companies and public authorities based on the digital twin”

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