SST Sensors and Processing

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2024-SPACE-01-54-SST-SP

Due to the increased number of objects (both active and debris) to be handled, as well as the evolution and inclusion of services in the future, R&I activities are necessary in the sensor domain, both for radiofrequency (e.g. passive ranging, radars, etc.) and optical sensors (e.g. telescopes, innovative wide field optical sensors, lasers). New promising technologies like sensors based on the use of infrared will also be considered.

(to be developed)

-Supporting the upgrade and development of on-ground assets, in particular radars and telescopes as well as data processing
-SST radiofrequency & optical sensors (radars, telescopes…) technological research & innovation
-SST data processing research & innovation (e.g. Artificial Intelligence…)

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