Space Weather

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-62

Current space weather models are generally not capable of forecasting events over several days. A longer forecasting horizon would require access to data from new observation infrastructure coupled with new and improved modelling capabilities

– New modelling including ab-initio simulations

– Development of modelling capabilities and/or the delivery of prototype services able to interpret a broad range of observations of the Sun’s corona and magnetic field, of the Sun Earth interplanetary space and of the Earth magneto/iono/thermo-sphere coupling relying on existing observation capacities
– Validate and harmonize the currently available data from existing services and identify gaps in data and model availability
– Training of models using deep-learning techniques

– Inventory of potential early indicators of extreme space weather events

– Complementary and coherent activities with ESA

– On ground demonstration tests

– Ground instruments: densification of ground instrument networks and development/improvement of new instrument concepts

– Complementary and coherent activities with existing space weather services

– Prepare Europe for a full exploitation of space weather data by a renewed effort on modelling and forecasting using currently available data

– Develop concepts to provide space weather data, forecasts and warnings

– Improve scientific understanding of the origin and evolution of space weather phenomena

– Improving SWE restitution and prediction capabilities using artificial intelligence / deep learning techniques

– Develop new services for both scientific purposes and terrestrial infrastructure monitoring

– Acceleration innovation of enabling technologies

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