Space technologies for European non- dependence and competitiveness

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-81

This topic aims to improve the overall European space technology landscape and complement and/or create synergy with activities of European and national programmes either in the space or non-space fields

Adress one of the R&I areas:
– RF components

– Passive & RF Passive components

– Discrete power devices

– Very high energy ion accelerators for component, shielding and radiobiology characterization

– Widespread applications of metallic lead (Pb)

– Reduce the dependence on critical technologies and capabilities from outside Europe for future space applications
– Develop or regain in the mid-term the European capacity to operate independently in space
– Enhance the technical capabilities and overall competitiveness of European space industry vendors on the worldwide market
– Open new competition opportunities for European manufacturers by reducing dependency on export restricted technologies
– Improve the overall European space technology landscape

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