Space science and exploration technologies

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-82

The development of innovative instrumentation (payload) and technologies enabling space science and exploration missions requires timely technology development associated with future space science and exploration missions, including robotic exploration technologies, early stage scientific instrumentation and component technologies for space resources utilisation and space observatories

– Development of new and innovative approaches, such as instruments for Cubesats and other small space platforms

– Advances related to on-site activities such as innovative measurement techniques, increased sensitivity, increased robustness, faster and more accurate data processing or in-situ sample and data analysis

– Enable breakthroughs in technologies and scientific instrumentation for space science and exploration missions
– Validation of novel space/planetary robotic technologies and instrumentation through analogue tests
– Increased collaboration of scientific, engineering and industrial teams both within and outside Europe across different domains
– To strengthen European scientific excellence and support the development of leading edge scientific and technologic research in Europe

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