Space-based missile early warning

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Open Call Reference: EDF-2022-DA-SPACE-SBMEW

Taking into full consideration the ongoing EU, Member States and Norway funded activities in this domain, the topic general objective is to contribute to the further development of a European space-based early warning capability against various types of missile threats: ballistic, hypersonic and anti-satellites (ASAT)

-Development of a fully European missile early warning and tracking capability that would lead to an autonomy in the field of threat assessment and theatre defence
-Study of a feasible space-based missile early warning (SBMEW) system and its concept of operations (CONOPS), taking into account existing development plans
-Identification, analysis and mitigation of the critical technical and technological risks associated with the development in the EU of a SBMEW capability, taking into account the status of existing assets within European industry that can contribute to such capability.

-Consideration of the overall system architecture
-Development of the critical technologies needed for such capability

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