Smart enforcement for resilient, sustainable and more efficient transport operations

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02-03

The research and innovation activities should provide innovative solutions for allowing the authorities to access directly and in real time all relevant information required under the different pieces of legislation in “one click”.

– Research on social rules
– Bring together stakeholders at various level
– Develop existing and/or new concepts and systems to incorporate the areas that are not yet covered by such electronic databases and platforms
– Provide assessment and recommendations on ensuring that there is a business case for the operators to make the information available electronically to the
– Consider the business case and conditions for reusing administrative information, where relevant, for the purposes beyond proving legal compliance

– Resilient enforcement system
– Competitive and fairer transport internal market
– Optimisation of the use of human and economic resources
– Improved transport workers social conditions and increased attractiveness of the sector
– Deployment of e-government services

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