Scientific exploitation of space data

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-SPACE-01-71

Exploitation of all acquired and available data provided by space missions in their operative, post-operative or data exploitation phase ensuring complementarity with activities already supported by ESA or national agencies during development phases. Given the continuously increasing complexity and volume of these data, this requires innovative data processing technologies (e.g. machine learning, inversion techniques,…), “time series” analysis (which is already common in Earth and Climate Science), joint processing of various (space and ground) data, novel data (re)presentation and visualization assets, as well as sophisticated end-to-end simulations.

-Increasing scientific returns by combining and correlating ESA Space Science Archives data with other means (e.g. instrumentation teams)
-Encouraging international cooperation in particular with countries active in space exploration and space science

-Supporting the data exploitation of European missions and instruments, in conjunction, when relevant, with international missions.
-Producing a higher number of scientific publications based on Europe’s space data, high-level data products made available through appropriate archives, and tools and methods developed for the advanced processing of data.
-Increasing collaboration of scientific teams both within and outside Europe across different domains.
-Strengthening European scientific excellence and support the development of leading edge scientific research in Europe

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