Responsive space system

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Open Call Reference: EDF-2022-RA-SPACE-RSS

The general objective of this research topic is to pave the way towards a future European responsive space system able to place small satellites in various types of orbits within a short notice in order to address specific operational needs, including tactical ones, and capability gaps stemming from shortage, failures and damages of existing space assets. This is particularly relevant in the field of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and satellite communication (SATCOM) where space assets have to be continuously operational and available to monitor and react to risks and events

-Must address collaborative defence research on the architecture of a responsive space system composed of a launch infrastructure (including fixed sites and/or mobile carriers), launch vehicles and spacecraft (satellite platforms and payloads) concepts as well as the ground segments and stations needed to operate the launcher and the satellite/payload
-Must consider terrestrial, maritime, or airborne launch solutions

-Identification of main mission use cases for the responsive space system
-Preliminary analysis of the applicable regulatory framework
-Definition of the overall conceptual architecture for the end-to-end system and associated high level requirements
-Identification of high-level requirements for the launch vehicle
-Identification of high-level requirements for the spacecraft
-Identification of high-level requirements and definition for the ground segments and stations needed to operate the launcher and the satellite mission (platform and payload)
-Identification and analysis of existing solutions able to meet the requirements and of needs for adaptations or for new research and development actions with their associated roadmap

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