Quantum Communication Technologies for space systems

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-SPACE-01-62

Based on the principle that any component used to generate, store, transmit, receive, decode, or use quantum information is considered a critical component, the scope of this topic covers all the critical hardware and software components necessary for the quantum key distribution function to be implemented via a satellite payload, as well as the corresponding optical ground station.

-Development of critical components and technologies necessary to build a space quantum key distribution system
-Address the issue of standardisation for QKD space systems
-Propose and implement the development of international space QKD standards in existing standardisation bodies working groups
-Propose and implement the creation of new standardisation activities through the creation of additional working groups

-Supporting the EU space policy and the EU initiative to establish the Union Secure Connectivity Programme and foster the development of ultra-secure EU services based on or using space systems
-Ensuring the EU sovereignty and non-dependence for the development of capacities leading to the availability of ultra-secure services based on QKD
-Enhancing the TRL of the critical components necessary to build QKD space systems and foster the development of the associated QKD standards.

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