Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI), connectivity and cooperation enabling and supporting CCAM (CCAM Partnership)

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL5-2021-D6-01-03


Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI), connectivity as well as cooperative information and action represent important resources which enable and support the integration of vehicles in the entire transport system. Road authorities and operators can provide essential PDI information to vehicles, road users and other modes of transport. As a complement, connectivity and cooperation are important capabilities of the full range of V2X actors (vehicles, infrastructures, vulnerable road users etc.). This is a necessary condition to proceed towards CCAM services in a developing CCAM ecosystem


Actions are expected to address the activities either under area A) Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI) supporting CCAM or under area B) Connectivity and cooperation as enablers for CCAM and advanced traffic management while taking into account the complementing nature of both areas


– Common understanding of requirements and minimum set of infrastructure adaptations for the physical and digital infrastructure for CCAM systems and services
– Description and development of service architectures of PDI for CCAM systems and services and agreed classification of infrastructure support levels stimulating EU-wide/global harmonisation for classification of infrastructure support
– PDI support concepts of proven maturity
– Connectivity and cooperation enablers and needs for higher levels of automation identified and assessed, based on a detailed use-case-approach for the CCAM mobility system
– Requirements for availability (e.g. coverage, security) and performance of connectivity and cooperation enablers (e.g. data rates, latency, robustness and redundancy, quality of service, resilience against cyberattacks) specified per use case

– Ensured quality of and trust in external data by common definitions (incl. quality indicators definition)

– Feasible and sustainable concepts for and provision of road infrastructure coverage (short- and long-range connectivity along the road network) developed to enable CCAM services, included in testing at living labs and ready for large scale demonstration

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