Onsite digital technologies to monitor in soil nutritional compounds of food and possible applications for food safety

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-MISS-2023-SOIL-01-03

Onsite digital technologies are emerging in food production and have the potential to detect and eliminate threats to food safety. Similarly, digital applications, such as remote imaging and sensing can be used to monitor nutrients and pollutants in soil and help assess how these threats are e are transmitted to food. There is a need to improve the development and application of digital tools (incl. light-based applications) in primary production and food industries and boost their technological upscale as a means to address more effectively the soil-food nexus.

-Identify challenges to the upscale of existing digital technologies (incl. light-based technologies) related to the soil-food nexus
-Advance and/or develop innovative digital technologies and AI incl. light-based methods/models/tools and remote sensing, including exploratory modelling for calibration and prediction, to identify nutrients (e.g. C, N, P, K) and pollution which have a bearing on food quality and safety
-Explore and mobilize the potential of digital technologies in improving soil management practices (i.e. targeted fertilization, soil remediation) and demonstrate practical applications in relation to food quality and safety
-Improve knowledge on the use of remote sensing methods for the identification and assessment of contaminated soils and their risks for food quality and safety

-Increased availability of effective onsite digital tools (e.g. light-based technologies, remote sensing) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor the presence of nutrients and micro-nutrients, pollutants and pathogens in soil and food in various production phases of post-harvested food grown in soils
-Improved in-field detection of soil parameters leading to better food nutritional composition or posing a risk to food safety
-Digitalised European food industry through a more effective application of technologies including light-based technologies
-Advanced technological solutions are available to estimate polluted (e.g. pathogens, heavy metals) or nutrient surplus soils

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