Naval Collaborative Surveillance

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Open Call Reference: EDF-2022-DA-NAVAL-NCS

Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) in the naval domain requires new technological developments to ensure lasting superiority at sea of EU naval surface vessels. Successful engagement to counter new threats can only be done by significantly reducing times as regards detection, tracking, identification and engagement.

-Defining the NCS capability for plot exchange
-Extending to air assets and developing advanced NCS functions for situational awareness
-Full advanced NCS capabilities

-Developing a full NCS capability allowing a better tactical situational awareness shared within a coalition
-Defining an EU NCS protocol/interface standard for real time exchange of raw data originiated from sensors, thus facilitating the AWW operations within a coalition of EU naval and air assets
-Developing processing functions and algorithms to use the data exchanged through the protocol/interface standard
-Development of an NCS that is usable in GNSS denied areas

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